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Golf Magazine - Our Top 100 Teacher-Tested Training Aid Gift Guide - 12/01/2011

Endorsers: GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teachers Jerry Mowlds and Kip Puterbaugh are fans
If you're looking for a training device that can remedy a plethora of golf ills, the PivotPro is for you. By strapping your foot into the device, you are forced to keep your weight on the inside of your back leg, which encourages a full coil on the backswing that in turn produces power, consistency, proper weight distribution and footwork. The PivotPro is lightweight, easily mobile, and helps prevent hip swaying, slicing, hooking and coming over the top. You can use the device indoors or at the range, with the freedom to use your own clubs to hit full shots, including pitches, chips and even bunker shots. No matter what part of your game needs work, you can rest assured that with the PivotPro, you'll be on-plane.
.

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Golf Training Aid PivotPro Reviews by USA TODAY

USA TODAY - What's hot in golf: PivotPro helps improve footwork.

Want more power and distance on the golf course?

Want to see fewer slices?

Then concentrate on your feet.

The PivotPro training product will help golfers improve their footwork, weight shift, weight transfer, instep position and push-off move, which, in turn, will translate to a more powerful swing and more distance off the club. The training product will help eliminate excessive swaying in the golf swing, which, in turn, produces less power and more errant shots. Read more...

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"I have used the Pivot Pro on many of my students and they can feel what impact is really about using this product.

Significant changes have been made with my students who have practiced using Pivot Pro. I highly recommend this product. Your students will feel impact the way they have never felt it before."

Nancy Quarcelino
GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher
Nancy Quarcelino School of Golf

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"As a golf instructor I was constantly looking for ways to easily show my students how a proper golf swing works. That was until I found the PivotPro. I now use the PivotPro during every lesson that I have with a student. This device allows the student to feel and see how to properly pivot on the back swing and how to use the lower body to initiate the downswing. The results have been phenomenal which means satisfied clients who are truly improving their golf game."

LeVaughn Crawford - Golf Teaching Professional
TopProGolf -

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One of the main issues we see in students is a sway to the right in the hips. Without a proper load into the right hip and right knee creating a proper coil is impossible. A right hip sway usually results in a reverse spine angle and then over the top, casting and chicken winging. The Pivot Pro training aid teaches the student the correct feel of loading into the right leg without swaying.

Bob Grissett - Director Of Instruction
The Golf Academy by The Sports Club/LA -

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I was having trouble with my weight shift. since purchased my PivotPro I have seen remarkable improvement in my power and consistency.

Ray Ramono

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Just wanted to let you know that one week after receiving and working with my Pivot Pro, I shot my best-ever round of 69. (-3) I struggle with a sway and this product is just what I have been looking for. It already has paid for itself!

Seward Totty - Lexington Kentucky

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I have been personally using the PivotPro for the last 2 weeks. The PivotPro's ability to be used outdoors on the grass and then indoors on carpet or artificial turf makes it unique. Now a student can learn the correct pivot with there instructor, go home and duplicate the this same motion in front of the mirror at home ("look, look, look" - Homer Kelly T.G.M.). I believe it is this unique feature, that has allowed me, to finally get the Hogan/Snead pivot, I have been trying so hard for years to get. This product rocks!!


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Recently, during a lesson with my PGA pro, we discussed the feeling that comes with keeping your back leg steady during takeaway. He suggested that after 50 years of teaching, the PivotPro was the best device he had found for this part of the game. I purchased PivotPro and immediately felt the proper stance and feeling necessary to improve my game. I now use the PivotPro for 5-10 minutes prior to my practice and have noticed remarkable results. All golfers, regardless of their handicap will benefit from this practice tool.

Lincoln Barton - handicap 11.6 - Cape Coral, FL

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I'm an 8 handicapper who struggles with consistency. I recently took lessons and the teaching pro identified swaying as biggest issue. I tried all the drills that he gave me but still found that I could not feel what a correct turn was supposed to feel like. I ordered the PivotPro and received instant feedback on what a proper turn was supposed to be. I take practice swings every night with the PivotPro and have noticed that my swing has become more consistent and that my shots from 60-100 yards have become much more accurate. I tried putting the golf ball under my back foot and it was uncomfortable. Using the PivotPro feels more natural and I've been satisfied with the results. Anthony Sabile - Gainesville, FL

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The Pivot Pro helps my students get the feeling of keeping their right knee over their right foot during the back swing,IT WORKS!

Steve Rush - PGA Certified Golf Pro
Braeburn Golf Course

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Pivot Pro really helped me with transferring and balancing my weight much much better. I now feel like I am balanced when I take the club back and no longer sway. I really like the product and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Kevin Starnes - CA

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The pivotpro delivered what it promised. If you need to work on your coil and maintain your spine angle the pivotpro is the best.

Nevin Posey - PA

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Pivot Pro has helped our boy and girls team with preventing the sway at impact. It is an excellent tool for teaching the power move through the ball to create distance and accuracy.

Gregg Baily - Golf Instructor
Boys and Girls Golf Coach
Crofton High School - NE

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It works especially well in combination with swinging a weighted club. This combination maximizes stretching of shoulders while coiling against a firm right side.

Gorrill, Douglas Golder Associates Ltd. - Ontario, Canada

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Pivot Pro is great! I was always trying to use a golf ball or a piece of wood for my student to feel how to load up on their right side without swaying. Pivot Pro works great for this. The rod is especially handy because it shows my students how to turn and get their weight shift during their back swing. I feel all instructors and students should use the Pivot Pro. Thanks,

Brian A. Jones, PGA - Vice-President, Southern Ohio PGA
General Manager/Head Golf Professional
Hamilton Elks Golf Club

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This is a tremendous training aid, I really think it is going to help you from chip shots to pitch shots, to bunker and full shots, and I am very
pleased to endorse PivotPro.

Jim McLean - World Renowned Golf Instructor

PGA Master Professional (1990)
Instruction Editor, Golf Digest
Instruction Editor and Senior Advisor for The Golf Channel.


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Just a quick note to THANK YOU for Pivot Pro. Student after student express their "light bulb" moment when using the Pivot Pro. It drives the point home quickly and easily. Best wishes and place me on your pre-order list for the LH & Jr versions when they become available.

Karen Bukowski, Class ”A” Member & Certified in Instruction by both LPGA International and the PGA of America -

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I received the Pivot Pro package few days ago and tried it out today --- GREAT PRODUCT! I am really pleased with the results after using it. The shots I am hitting with it are perfect; and the feeling remained after using Pivotpro. PivotPro has helped me with fixing my back swing and keeping the weight on the inside of the right foot. I am now able to push off it on the downswing too!
Anyway's, SUPERB PRODUCT. Cheers.

Miki Mirza

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I absolutely love the product and would highly recommend it.If you are serious about your game and want to improve your game in a shot span of time. PivotPro is the way to go. This is one of the best training aids I have seen in a long long time . I have one that I use in my office and one that I take to the range. I get in front of a mirror and simply coil my chest over my right leg - I have to say this has greatly improved my coil and has stabilized my club at the top of the swing. I feel more control and power coming down at the ball. PIVOTPRO ABSOLUTELY ROCKS!!! -

Shawn Johnson - NY

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Great Product. I have lowered my handicap from 28 to 16. I am hitting my driver 20 yards farther and much straighter and same is the case with my irons. I have tremendously improved my short game around the greens.Love it and would highly recommend it. Thanks PivotPro

Tony Ramaros - FL